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LSAT Study Group/Question

LSAT Study Group/Question
« on: July 16, 2011, 11:16:52 PM »
I wanted to set up a study group in the Chicago area for the LSAT. I am taking October exam! I am pretty nervous that this wont be enough time to adequately prepare. I would appreciate a response to this. Ultimately, I would like to triple or quadruple team it. 

My Background
Loyola University Chicago "11
3.217 (5 years WE including 3 years FT)

How would you rate Chicago area law schools? What kind of score would I need to get admitted into NW?

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How accurate are these number?

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Thats a good point. The numbers posted by individuals tend to vary in accuracy - a lot of them even say up front that they are not that accurate. It should then be used as a rough guide (it seems like the majority of stuff posted by individuals are legitimate though).

That being said, there is a page for each school that lists their avg. ranges and what not. These tend to be pretty accurate as all the ones I have seen are the exact same thing as the information posted on university websites. I, of course, would start with the university's websites first - then move to sites like these.

Another site is ... this is a calculator straight from LSAC (creators of LSAT) who use information directly from Universities.

Hope that helps.

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Hey thanks! The 2nd link was very helpful.