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Practice Test Score 145

Practice Test Score 145
« on: July 19, 2011, 08:54:38 AM »
Hey everyone,
    I'm sure there are a ton of these on there and TLS forums, but I just got my results back from my first diagnostic test from my Testmasters prep class. I got a 145 going into it cold and really that is about what I expected afterwards. The instructer informed us that most would recievce somewhere in the 130s-140s so I'm not all that unhappy with my first score. My biggest killer was time management, I greatly underestimated how short 25 mins felt and thus had to fill in at random on just about half of the RC questions whenI ran out of time (no suprise I got 52% on RC). I got 57% on LR, and 30% on LG!! But granted I had never really seen LG before yesterday. By the third section I had my time management down and was able to score 72% correct on the LR expirimental. So I'm pretty confident that I can greatly increase my score by the next diag now that I have the feel for test like conditions (my last standardized text experience was 9 years ago in high school). I will be buying the Bibles tomorrow but plan on putting in about 3 hours a day after work minus tuesday thursday when classes are and taking as many PTs as I can get my hands on. With these types of scores how would you guys suggest starting my study habits? Do you think 3 hours a day + more on weekends is enough? What kind of gains do you think I can expect with these first diag % and 3 months worth of study? Thanks for the advise.

Re: Practice Test Score 145
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Think of it like this...

In music school they say off the bat you MUST be practicing at least 21 hours a week - which matches up with your 3 hours a day. This, however, is a long term plan (for 4 years of practice). If you have a year + to study for the LSAT, 21 hours a week shouldn't be all that bad. I have personally found 4-6 hours a day to be ideal for my improvement. If you are trying to get into the high 160s within 3 months - try 30+ hours a week. My goal is the low 170s - which may take 6 months+ at 30 hours a week for me.

If you are serious about the LSAT and law school, structure you day so that you can squeeze in as much efficient LSAT study as possible. Even on days you can't get a whole lot in still keep your mind on LSAT. Read through sections you have done, review methodology - question types, etc. Read online resources about the LSAT, like this forum. Keeping your mind on the LSAT is just as important as studying for it. A day shouldn't go by without you at least looking at something LSAT related.

One more thing - taking the diagnostic test is fine but make sure from here on out you focus only under un-timed conditions. Once you have a firm grasp of fundamentals (once you can answer all the questions correctly un-timed) then move on to timed tests. Why? If you can't answer the questions un-timed - theres no way you will be able to answer them timed. Once you can score in the 175+ range on an un-timed test - then move on to time management. Make sure that you are learning an efficient method (which all of the major prep companies have) so you can bring your time down when it is relevant. You will also notice, however, that once you have a firm grasp on fundamentals, timing should become less of an issue. Remember, its not speed but efficiency.