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In 2010, twice as many bar passers as job openings


Re: In 2010, twice as many bar passers as job openings
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I'm not sure if bar associations can do anything about this, though.  The only real recourse is appealing, and if your client doesn't want to or can't afford it, then you just don't.  I think you're overestimating how much money lawyers have to "just do" things ... Or if you work for a firm, they tell you what to do.  Judges are elected here, so I guess you could campaign against them?  Might not work out, though.

All good points. Most firms don't want you wasting time on outside projects, clients mostly just want to see the bottom line, etc.

I just know if they didn't file my papers, I'd find a way (if it was their job to do so) Chain of command. If no one acts, then each person up said chain becomes informed and then liable for the actions of those beneath them. It'd be a near never ending pain, but trust me. There would be blood (mostly figurative I hope)

I'm one of those guys who would rather lose money and a year of my life to prove a point. Most aren't and others tend to count on that. Life may beat it out of me soon enough, but for the time being I am a dark horse.