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A Quick Synopsis of Canadian Law Schools?


I am giving very serious thought to leaving the US permanently because this country is run by monkeys. I do have some questions on the nature of the Canadian legal system though. Is it similar to the adversarial US form or more similar to European -- i.e., French -- forms? I wish to practice criminal defense law, any ideas where I should apply? What are salaries like for criminal defense attorneys? I will have completed 2 years of college French by the time I graduate, so I could perhaps consider Montreal, but legal French sounds intimidating (especially the Montreal variety). My GPA is a bit of a long story, but the distilled version is a 3.6 (should be a 3.7+ by graduation). In my diagnostic LSAT, I scored a 160 and the subsequent practice tests have yielded a 165 and 170 and I still have several months of studying left. Does any site like lawschoolnumbers exist for Canadian schools?

The following link has application and admissions criteria for 15 Canadian law schools including: regular applicant profile and enrollment, strengths and special programs, and tuition and expenses.


Canadians come here to go to lawschool and then go back. So do Chinese and Brits and Africans(seen it all)

So why not vice versa?

I heard anyone can own a gun in Canada even someone fresh out the psych ward with 8 felonies and a "Red Rum" tatooed on their forehead.
Is this true?


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