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1.  Tell me how can a phone call be binding on the Bar Examiners? There is no one person who makes up the rules.  I would not stake my career on what someone told me on the phone when there is a way to get it in writing. 

2.  You don't answer the question - the someone who graduated with a LLM did they have an online LLB without first qualifying in England?

You are making a lot of assumptions.  While you may well be right, I sure would not want to get an online foreign LLB and online LLM only to get into a hassle with the bar examiners because of what I was told on the phone years earlier.

Get it in writing dude, your phone call won't be worth anyhting if there is a problem later.

You tell half truths all throughout these boards.  Get over it, you can sit for the bar in California, you go around on this board like you are an authority on the various rules which you are not. LMAO. People check the bar examiners for yourself, ask the correct questions as it relates to foreign law schools.

Someone who is investing three years in a FYLSE work around should get the scheme okayed in writing.   And you are right I am an authority by virtue of being admitted to California bar via the correspondent route, practising 20 years and then being admitted to numerous other jurisdictions including England.  However, I do apologize if I am annoying you; I am really genuinely interested  if the California Bar Examiners would really OK an obvious dodge around their rules on online schools. Logically, it makes no sense to me that a foreign online law school grad with an online US LLM who has not qualified as a lawyer anywhere would be eligible to sit the Cal Bar without the FYLSE.  Why would the English online LLB be superior to a California online JD?  In fact, it would be inferior because much of English law is inapplicable in California.  The equation does not add up in my opinion and if true exposes the California Bar Examiners to a well deserved lawsuit for discriminating against their own California online students.

I respect your answer, I rather hear that from you because  I knew that's how you felt the whole time but it's more personal thing to you, but it's Ok.  I did my homework and I am proceeding,whether it makes sense to you or not, whether you like it or not the system currently works.


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