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I recently read that Northumbria is the largest law school in Northeast England and has a good reputation for distance law school education.

I also started with U of L.  I am not sure that it was a wise move.  The books were good but anonymous grading and no feedback makes it difficult to know whether you are learning
1) the law or
2) U of L grading game

Does anyone know whether the degrees awarded at Northumbria are by the law school or University? I have seen nothing but positive posts from students there.

In the US, UofL would be only one with name recognition.

Maintain FL 350:

--- Quote from: jonlevy on October 18, 2012, 09:17:25 AM ---In the US, UofL would be only one with name recognition.

--- End quote ---

My understanding is that while a standard University of London degree would qualify the holder to take the bar in a few states (CA, NY, and maybe a few others), the U of L online degree would not. Is that correct?

Thanks.  I agree with you about the name recognition.  Globally, I think people would indeed more likely recognise LLM.  But do they recognise the academic differences?  ( e.g.  it is a university award generally and not from a law depart or law school).  There is also no real research involved ( no thesis or research papers)  However it does follow a recognized curriculum just like the individual colleges.

The same seems true of MBA's today.  There are so many flavors and access seems easy.  Many of the administrative assistants in my last job had MBAs and it was really hard to tell which ones add value to one career.

As far i can tell, the U of L external LLB would not, in general,  qualify for NY Bar exam. There has been a lot of discussion around this on other sites.

I can say that my interactions with Northumbria have been  very impressive.  Whilst not a top 10 or even top 25, they have a unique approach to distance learning. 

Thanks again for rejuvenating this discussion.  I hope it is of value to others.


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