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New Distance Learning School in CA - American Institute of Law

Hi Everybody,

Did you all happen to notice that a new distance learning law school has come into existence?  If you go to the link I provided in the other post for online and distance learning law schools registered on the California Bar website or just go straight to this link  you will see that this Cal Bar Registered law school just started in 2011.  Tuition is reasonable (around $3000 per year), about the same as Northwestern California University School of Law where I went and was planning to return after I pass the Baby Bar.  Take a look and tell me what you think about it!

Re: New Distance Learning School in CA - American Institute of Law
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In the Disclosures section, it says that the school's policy, like all the other online law schools, except, I believe, Concord, [and, I know],  Novus and Mid-Atlantic, is that if you don't pass the FYLSE after 3 consecutive attempts (nevermind the flight and hotel fees three times in a row), you will be expelled from the school.

I recommend that anyone enrolling in an online law school,  should read a casebook on Torts, Criminal Law, and Contracts, 3 times, BEFORE enrolling.  Then, when your year is up, you will have a much better chance of passing the FYLSE the FIRST TIME.   Remember, there is nothing wrong with an online law school student's mind.  The FYLSE program is designed to be a full time law reader program and it is sold to students with part-time resources.