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I am facing the toughest decision of my life and thou I feel both choices are adequate there must be a better choice.  I am a Tennessee resident and worked very hard to raise my LSAT enough to be accepted to the University of Tennessee.  Long story short I did significantly better on the LSAT than I expected and was also accepted to the University of Georgia.  Georgia is the higher ranked school by a seemingly large margin and has much higher prospects as far as employment and starting salary.  Tennessee is overall the cheaper choice as I would be in state for all 3 years while Georgia has said it is nearly sure that I will be in state after the first year but will be out of state for that one.  I am unsure of the type of law I want to practice but I know I enjoy the idea of litigation far more than paper work.  In your esteemed opinion(s) is the difference in prestige and (potential) employment offered by Georgia enough to offset the savings offered by Tennessee?  Neither has offered me anything in the way of scholarships or grants but have offered federal loans for the entire price of attendance.  ANY opinions would be most appreciated.  At the moment I am leaning towards Georgia but could quite easily be swayed. 

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So no one has any opinon?  A few people  have at least read this I could sure use some input, I don't even need a reason just shoot me your feelings or perhaps what you would do if you found yourself in my situation?  I'm making an unofficial visit to Georgia within the week to check it out and make sure I'm a fan of the town.  If anyone has attended either institution your feelings about the quality of education and prospects for employment would be MOST appreciated.  I know I need to notify one of the schools that I will not be attending their institution because I'm keeping some poor soul from getting accepted from the waiting list and I would hate if that was me. Sorry for replying to my own thread, I'm not just trying to TTT this I really need some help... :-\

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My very uninformed opinion:

Georgia is the far better choice. The quality gap between the two schools is relatively large while the minor cost different of OOS tuition first year at UGA is easily offset by the low cost of living in Athens and increased UGA starting salary.

This is coming from a Missouri 0L very interested in UGA for their seemingly easy-going in-state tuition policy during the second and third year.

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Athens is flat-out awesome.  I'd got to UGA, personally.  Atlanta is a thriving metro area.  (So much so that they're running out of water now and then.)  Of course, Nashville is huge, too.

I can't imagine a better place to spend 3 years than Athens, though.

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Thanks so much guys that is far more helpful than you will ever know