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Good Online School

Good Online School
« on: June 04, 2011, 06:29:46 PM »
I started at NWCU (Northwestern California University School of Law) online in 2007, at age 47.  I am a Financial Adviser and Tax Accountant by trade, and this is what I could afford and had time for.  The study materials and methods are appropriate and of quality.  I did not pass the "Baby Bar" in 2009 and studying for my second attempt now, but as a disenrolled student. 

For those thinking about NWCU, you will be required and encouraged to buy the case books, hornbooks, and outlines that Harvard and other law schools use, so you are not handicapped there.  The handicap is the requirement to take the "Baby Bar" here in California after the first year of law school.  I'm already a professional and familiar with lots of tax law, but yet I have to go through this formality, getting older in the process, in order to start adding Attorney work to my financial planning and tax practice.

One of the helpful study aids that NWCU has is the online lectures and law definitions that can be played on an MP3 player and listened to while working out, jogging, waiting in line, etc...  They are also very reasonably priced online school in California, and legitimately registered with the California Committee of Bar Examiners.  I have researched online and distance law schools for over 15 years and NWCU was the choice I made.

Moral and Ethical Character means more to me than the big name behind the law school.  If you want to do work with me as a Financial Adviser, Estate Planner, Trust and Estate Adviser, and Tax Accountant, I will be looking for those aforementioned qualities, quality of your work, and not where you went to law school!

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« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2011, 09:07:09 PM »
Hi financialandtaxguy,

I am thinking about going to this school and was wondering if you could help me with my decision. I am a full time employee with family and pets :) Based on your experience - how much time on average I would need to study per week? I know the school says a minimum of about 20 hours/week,  but what's the realistic number? How was your overall experience with the school?



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If your problem was the minibar and not the school, then it may be worth noting that ironicly the self paced/self proctored openbook correspondence schools did BETTER on the minibar than the online ones with more techer interaction.

If you take one of those, statisticly your odds of doing better increase(ironic I know, but oddly true)

Does Barbri or anyone else offer in person prep seminars? If so do it. Those will help more than anything. After that, wrap up the degree, and take another prep for the regular bar.

Most schools don't prep for the bar(s). That's why you have to do it when private companies(a rip but often true)

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I am also thinking of going to NWCU early next year. I have researched about this school a lot and it seems a pretty good choice if you are having a family and can't relocate. Tuition is very reasonable compared to other schools. The only downfall I found is that you have to do 4 years of JD where as other places it can be done in 2 to 3 years..

Please share information here regarding NWCU and hopefully we can communicate here more often...

Thank You,


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I, too, am planning to start studies at NWCULaw in May or June next year.  I also did extensive research as mentioned by financialandtaxguy above, and conclude as well that NWCULaw was the best fit for me.  Yes, cost was a big factor since I wanted to pay as I go and not accrue a huge debt.  People constantly debate about ABA vs. non-ABA approved schools and the pros and cons with DL schools.  I have e-chatted with several alumni from Taft and NWCULaw, several who are practicing attorneys in different states (not just California), about the benefits and issues by attending these non-traditional DL schools.  Their consensus is – it’s not the school the matters, but passing the bar exam; others states (in the PacNW) tend to focus if the applicant seeking a waiver to take the state bar exam passed the California bar – if so, the waiver was granted.  That pretty much sold me.  So, I plan to focus on the Baby Bar and General Bar – obtaining the past tests from the CA Bar web site – to assist in directing my studies during the academic phase.  Doing so, I believe, will help tremendously with preparing for the various exams.  If all goes as planned, I will pursue taking the Washington State bar and focus my practice as a solo firm addressing pro se consulting, military/veteran issues, and tax resolution.