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Discouraging Diagnostic Score

Discouraging Diagnostic Score
« on: May 30, 2011, 09:40:20 AM »
Good day everyone.

Before anyone begins to reply to this entry with pessimism please understand that I am just as down on my self as your pessimistic response will gear towards my goal of attaining a J.D Degree. Let me start with a little background info. I am 20 years old and a recent graduate of a large VA public school. I am of African decent. My parents brought me and my siblings to the state in order that we may pursue our academic dreams. My Dads goal in life is too see us all do well academically and make great lives and careers of our own. Well 3/4 of his kids have done just that. They have engineering degrees and all work for General Electrics and doing really well for themselves. Well its my turn. I am the youngest and I guess the dumbest. I went the Liberal Arts route. Granted ever since I was a child, I always had this vision for my country. My dad was into politics and was a politician so even as a 5 year old I had insight largely because it was interesting to me and I remember clinging on to my dad and asking him to teach me about the ins and out of it all. My dream of being an attorney has grown ever since. I view my J.D degree as a ticket to be able to accomplish my goals in life politically. Well this is my story in synopsis. Now for the obstacles I currently face.

My UGPA is a 2.75 and the first diagnostic test I took last night was a 140 and it wasn't timed. I'll be taking my first LSAT ever come October. Needless to say I am devastated because I realize with my UGPA, I need to crank out a 160 to go to a respectable school and get some scholarship money. I had my first meeting with my Prelaw advisor last Wednesday and we spoke about a number of things. I let her know that I was to begin my prepping right away and she told me to take a diagnostic test which I did yesterday. Because I don't want to be out of school for long, I am shooting for spring, and latest fall semester to start law school. She gave me a few schools to look into in which she thought I should be able to get into. She wants me to apply to South Texas School of Law, University of Dayton School of Law, University of Richmond School of Law and Depaul. She believes that if i got in the 150's ill be OK and a with a 160 I could reach even more with my school choice and get some money as well. At the moment however even though I have over 4 months to prep, that diagnostic test score has been on my mind and I am really crushed. I feel like a failure. I understand in order to be successful sometimes failure is necessary but I refuse to fail and that is one thing that scares me the most in life is failure. In essence, I am asking for advise on what to do. I know I posses the capabilities to do well in law school. Whatever I put my mind too I do it and I do it well. However, I tend to doubt myself and it kills my spirit. I refuse to let it be the case this time. All I need do is get my foot in a law school and I believe in my abilities that Ill do well. The motivation towards my main goal alone in life will push me to do well.

In short, I believe my application will be solid. I am getting three solid LOR's. 1 from my prelaw advisor who is a former district attorney, One from the head of my department and one from a city of Norfolk official in which I did my internship. My PS is also going to be solid since I pride myself as a good writer and I also believe I have a compelling story to tell about my life journey. I say all of this to say this, what advice can you guys give me in order to get my score in the 155-165 range.

Thank you very much and I am glad I found this discussion board. 


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Re: Discouraging Diagnostic Score
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First welcome to the forum.

Second, pick a thread and post to it, please do not cut and paste your story to multiple threads.

OK, a 140 is not great, but it is not without hope. Now that you have take a diagnostic, you need to see what you score break down by section is, determine if one area is weaker then others. or are the scores even across the sections. Find study material for the sections that you struggled with most (feel free to ask, I am sure people will be willing to recommend their favorites). With the aid of study material, go back and look at the questions that you got wrong, find out what the right answer was learn why it is the eight answer and why the answer that you selected is not the correct answer.

Happy Hunting,

Re: Discouraging Diagnostic Score
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Thanks for the advise.

Re: Discouraging Diagnostic Score
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It is important that you dont get discouraged by a low diagnostic test.  This test is only there to show you where your weaknesses are.  Furthermore, While that is not a great diagnostic, it is not the worst one i have seen by far.  Personally my diagnostic was a 150 and i am now scoring 164-168 on my daily tests, so there is no reason to believe that with intense studying that you cant see your score reach at least the 150's.  What you need to do now is buy some prepbooks (i suggest powerscore) and get down to work!  4 months is not all that long to prepare so you will want to spend at least an hour a day studying if not 2-3 hours (the length of a preptest).
Good luck studying and feel free to post any questions you have with the material