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Notre Dame Law v. Fordham Law

Notre Dame Law v. Fordham Law
« on: May 26, 2011, 10:03:35 AM »
Notre Dame Law v. Fordham Law

Which one would you choose? (both sticker..)

ND is ranked higher than Fordham, but the fact that Fordham is located in NY makes it difficult to decide. While I am not sure where I would want to practice law yet, I find good employment prospects and higher demand for internationals in NY appealing.

Any advice/opinion on this, please?



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Re: Notre Dame Law v. Fordham Law
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2011, 05:04:28 PM »
Obviously both are good schools and congrats! Notre Dame will probably be better in the Midwest and Fordham better on the east coast, but I think you could consider the physical location. I had friends that went to Notre Dame and the school is great, but South Bend is not an exciting place and it is even a bit dangerous when you get away from the student area. Fordham is in Manhattan right next to some beautiful buildings etc and it would be a more exciting student life there I'm sure.

I don't think either school is a bad choice, but life in South Bend v. Manhattan for 3 years will be VERY different. If you are a guy/girl that loves sports and college town life then ND is probably the choice. If your a person that loves city life than Fordham is the right choice.

The rankings should play no part in this decision they are an absolute and utter joke. They are adamantly disapproved by the ABA and AALS.  It is a for profit magazine offering their subjective opinion based on lawyers filling out scantrons from 1-5. So a lawyer in L.A. marks a 4 for Fordham and is pissed of that Notre Dame beat USC in a football game so he gives them a 3.The methodology is literally a  joke this articles from LSAC explain it in more detail than I can .

The rankings also change 10-20 spots any given year for example last year. Notre Dame was 23 last year and Fordham was 30 in 2010. These two schools are in their same respective in 2011 actually, BUT Notre Dame is in a  4 way tie for 23rd with Davis, Illinios, IU-Bloomington and Fordham is in a 5 way tie for 30th with Washington, UNC, Emory, and Washingotn & Lee,

So is Notre Dame actually 23rd or 27th we don't know because they have a 4 way tie for 23rd. Is Fordham 30 or 35th we don't know because they have a 5 way tie. The schools in these ties show good examples of in the instalbity of the rankings. In 2010 Davis which is tied for 23rd with Notre Dame was 35th in 2010 the same professors, students, etc suddenly improved. While Emory was 20th in 2010 and now dropped to the 5 way tie for 30th. So if a 1L in 2010 literally made their decision based on rankings between Davis and Emory they would have chosen Emory, which was 20th instead of Davis, which was 35th. However, by the time they were a second year law student Emory is in a 5 way tie for 30th and Davis has moved to 23rd. Nothing changed for that student and nothing changed at either school. So don't make your decision based on a minuscule difference in rankings. Notre Dame & Fordham are very good schools and if you were saying Notre Dame v. Southwestern then the rankings would matter, but Notre Dame & Fordham will always be in between the 20's and 40's but they are on the same level so don't take the rankings for this decision.

Re: Notre Dame Law v. Fordham Law
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2011, 05:35:56 AM »
Thanks so much for your advice! :)