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Residential Options
« on: May 21, 2011, 02:25:34 AM »
I was wondering if any current 1L+ students or graduates could fill me in on the best options as far as housing for a prospective student. I've briefly looked over the school's website and I see that they have single dorms if people would prefer but I'm not so sure I feel like going back into the dorm setting after living in an apartment for my last 2 years of undergrad unless the $ was significantly cheaper to live in a dorm than off campus housing/apartment some where. I know the best people to ask are the students who can provide the best and nicest most affordable locations that they wished they lived their first year if only they knew about it then?

Any recommendations for a 25yr old single male. I prefer to be close enough to walk to campus or at least a short drive away. I don't have any children or pets and don't smoke. Ideally I'd like an affordable single apartment but if anyone has had a great experience sharing an apartment/house with a few other law students where did you live? I don't mind living with other people but I tend to be a little more introverted than most and don't mind staying in on a Friday and Saturday nights. Then again I don't mind going out as long as it's not every Friday/Saturday of the month. Especially when it comes to studies I'm focused 100% Monday through Friday.  Sunday for me is about getting ready for the week ahead and back into study mode although I'm sure I'll be reviewing/reading/studying most of the time on Saturdays as well. I'm going to law school to get good grades, period. I studied and worked my ass off a lot more than most of my friends did in undergrad and although they have great memories of the frat and party life I have a great transcript with excellent grades to always submit with a resume when I needed to and that definitely helps. And I'm glad I never wasted the $ spent for a 4 year degree. I plan on doing the same in law school. So that being said any students or graduates that can help? It's greatly appreciated!