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Anyone know where you can find LLM admissions statistics?


I just graduated Magna from a high third tier (107) law school with an honors concentration in tax law and am looking at tax LLM programs, particularly NYU. I took 8 tax classes and although I obtained a B+ in one course, the remaining 7 have been either an A or an A-. I also have an MBA and although ranks are not given, I was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma so I am somewhere above the top 20%. Through the MBA program I took two accounting courses and earned an A- in both of them. I also served in two editorial positions for the school's probate journal and have been published twice on non-tax issues. I volunteered one semester for VITA. I have also worked in the school's tax clinic (the oldest tax clinic in the country) and, inter alia, obtained a $2500 refund for a client from a fraudulent company that claimed they were going to help him. I am also starting work this Fall at one of the accounting firms just outside the big 4. I also have passed the bar exam in two states with a 168 MBE (top 2.8% of takers). My future employer also wants me to get CPA certification and possibly do an online MST program. One of my tax law professors (they are all NYU LLM alums) told me when discussing my employer that I should apply to NYU's program (something I had been considering for a while but told no one) and that I would have a "pretty good chance" but I can't seem to find any objective admissions criteria online. Does anyone know where I can find some and/or assess my admission potential? I'd also consider GULC, BU, NW, HLS, and some others but really have my heart set on NYU.

Thank you


--- Quote from: wrhssaxensemble on May 20, 2011, 08:07:29 AM ---really have my heart set on NYU.

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No, stats, but just wanted to say, if they don't accept you, I can't even imagine what it would take to get into that school.

Use some common sense, call the LLM department at NYU and ask to speak to the graduate advisor or department chair. First thing I'd ask point blank is if a non JD can be admitted to the program. Personally, I'd assume a JD would be the usual prerequisite for a LLM unless told otherwise.


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