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U of Utah vs SUNY-BUFFALO.

U of Utah vs SUNY-BUFFALO.
« on: May 13, 2011, 07:51:33 AM »
I have to make a choice between these two schools.  I'm from Virginia, however, I was turned down by all the schools I applied in DC area.  Now I have three options.  First choice, I will go to U of Utah because this is the highest ranking law school I got in.  Though it's in Utah, the out-of-state tuition has raised to 40,000 per year.   Second choice, I will go to SUNY-BUFFALO.  I heard the city is not quite good and the school ranks much lower than Utah.  Well, the tuition is about 30,000 per year, and the school agrees to give some small scholarship.  Third choice, I don't go to either one.  I will find a job a Virginia, retake LSAT exam, and attend a law school in DC area next year.   

What do you think of the three options?  And anyone is attending these two schools and what's your opnion regarding thems?   Thanks.

Re: U of Utah vs SUNY-BUFFALO.
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My question would be, "where do you want to practice upon graduation?"

If you want to practice in Utah or SLC, I'd say Utah is a fabulous choice.

If you want to practice in Buffalo, then SUNY-Buffalo is a fabulous choice.

If you want to practice in Virginia, I'd say you should either:
a.  Get into one of the T14 schools, since their grads have good prospects anywhere in the country.
b.  Get into a school in Virginia

Re: U of Utah vs SUNY-BUFFALO.
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Thanks for the reply!  My answer to the question is:  I want to practice law in Washington DC area.  However, I was not accepted by any law schools in DC area this year. 

-- I have never been to Utah and SLC, and I don't know how it's going to be when studying and practicing law in SLC.  U of Utah is one of the top 50 law schools I applied for.  As most of the top 50 schools put me on waitlist, I'm fortunately got into U of Utah.  It is also true that I didn't really research a lot regarding Utah and SLC.  As I am now in a foreign country, I can't go there and check it out.

-- I applied for SUNY-BUFFALO, because I'm a bit interested in practicing law in the state of New York, and maybe later in NYC if I have the opportunity.  However, the law school ranked so law, and I'm not sure if there will be such opportunities to get into one of the big laws in NYC.
Advice welcomed, especially from people who know about these law schools.

Re: U of Utah vs SUNY-BUFFALO.
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You are more likely to get a job in NYC if you go to Utah than SUNY.