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Fall Internship v. Fall Judicial Externship


I got offered a few jobs for fall some doing judicial internships where you can only get work study money and I have also gotten a few fall internship offers at a few different firms (mid-level, small, no spectacular offer, but you actually make some money. Anyways, I wanted to know which would be more beneficial for the fall of your 3rd year?  Any insight would be awesome.

I have done both, here are my thoughts.  As far as future employement, they are just about equal.  Many firms -- even small ones -- will keep outstanding clerks as lawyers.  If they don't, they are great contacts and will sometimes help you find work.  Judges often know a lot of people and can also help you find work.

I, personally, learned more about practicing law working in my clerkships than working for a judge.  If you need the money right now, I would lean towards mid-level firm.  UNLESS, one of the judicial internships is with a Federal Judge. 

Good luck!! 

Thanks for the advice what exactly did you do working for the judge? I mean in the interview I claimed to understand, but I didn't really. Do you just watch court proceedings, research, and write proceedings? Just not sure what to expect and I would love to hear what your experience working in a judicial externship/internship whatever they are calling it these days was.

Thanks for your response.

I interned for a federal judge.  I was allowed to observe all hearings that were going on when I was present, and spent a little bit of social time with the judge.  The work was mostly reading pleadings and making notes for the judge so that he didn't have to read every word.  I did do a research project that was used in an opinion the judge published.  Out of the internship, I scored an interview with another federal judge for a clerkship and a job interview with a botique firm. 


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