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3.2/162 combat vet Marine applying from the 'Stan

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In advance, I appreciate the help, I am currently in Afghanistan-so I have no other resources. Which of the following schools do I have a low, medium or high chance of getting into?

Minn (home state):
Notre Dame:
Univ San Diego:

I have a 162 LSAT, 3.2 GPA. I was a platoon commander for 51 infantry Marines in Afghanistan for my first deployment. My second, I am in charge of over 200 Marines as a company commander. I also received an award with a "v" for valor on my first deployment.

Thanks again, at the tail end of my deployment, I'll have to apply to schools for Fall 2012, so I need an idea of what I'm dealing with.

You can figure it out punching into the following:

I don't mean to discourage you, but although my scores were lower than yours (3.05/159), I was declined at CWRU, which is a considerably less selective school than pretty much all the ones you mentioned. 

Might be a stretch.  I would suggest a safety school or two.

Best of luck and thank you for your service.

The right school for you will depend more on where you want to live/practice law than the rankings.  Most of the schools you have listed are a stretch for you. And, they are pretty spread out.  Each region that you would want to live in has its own ranking of schools that you can figure out by researching the local firms and talking to local lawyers. 

Thank you for your service.  Ufortuantely, though, (due to the multitude of deployments over the last decade) law schools are full of students with combat/leadership experience.  So, that won't be a huge boost; but it doesn't hurt. 

Check out for these type of questions you can see where applicants with identical numbers were admitted, waitlised, or rejected. You also can see the dates they were accepted, rejected, waitlisted, etc on top of that you can also see how much scholarship money applicants with certain numbers received. It is a great website to see what your chances are at certain schools.


I noted that you had Iowa on your list. If memory serves the Dean of their Law School is a former Marine. Your LSAT is within range for them, although they generally pull students with higher GPAs. I suspect that it is defiantly worth a shot.

Semper Fi,


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