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A new member with a lot of questions.

A new member with a lot of questions.
« on: April 22, 2011, 05:23:36 PM »
Hello All,

Recently I finally decided that I would pursue law school when I am done with my undergraduate education. I have been doing an enormous amount of research on the topic lately and I am getting quite overwhelmed.  Choosing and paying for a Lsat prep course, my course load, job and family issues are taking their toll on me, but I am trying to make it through. I have some questions; I hope you guys can help.

1. Between Kaplan and the Princeton Review, which company would best prepare me for the LSAT? I need to make the right choice; the price of one of these classes is equal to a semester of tuition.

1a. I cannot start a classroom prep course until August, I know that two months of prep will not prepare me for the October LSAT. I was thinking of paying for an online course to tide me over until I can start a classroom course. Would it be worth taking an online course (blueprint perhaps?) so I can study up until my class starts? Taking an online course in addition to a classroom course wouldn't be cheap, but if it will help me, I will make the sacrifice.

2. When the LSAC calculates my GPA how will they deal with W's on my transcript? Apparently they will not count so long as they are not "punitive". I assume the ones on my transcript are not punitive because they have no affect on my GPA.

3. How does LSAC deal with repeated classes? Their website says "All grades and credits earned for repeated courses will be included in the GPA calculation if the course units and grades appear on the transcript. A line drawn through course information or a grade does not eliminate the course from GPA calculation if the course units appear on the transcript." The issue is that my school does not include both grades, the first class grade is replaced by an "R" and only the repeated class grade is shown.

4. Should I wait until my fall grades are in to apply? I have been on a massive upswing for the last two and a half years. I graduate in fall. I know my GPA would be highest after the fall semester. Would it be worth waiting until December to apply to law school? Two of my friends who have both gotten into law schools recommended that I apply in October as soon as I received my LSAT score.

Appreciate your help

Re: A new member with a lot of questions.
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Here are some of my thoughts:

1.  I think either will prepare you fine.
1a. Significant improvement in LSAT scores, in my experience, does not show up until you have effectively studied for more than 150 hours.  If you can devote that kind of time--including the class--between August and October, save the money.  If not, do the online prep course. 
2.  W's are ignored in the LSAC calculation.
3.  If the hours show on your transcript, my bet is that it would count as a pass/fail--given the lack of information available to LSAC. 
4.  Do not wait!  Any advantage you get by waiting is outweighed by the rolling admissions advantage you will have by applying early.  And, if your GPA changes significantly, you can supplement. 

LSAT is much more important than GPA.  Crush the test. 

Let us know what you decide, and how it works for you!!