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I've never became particularly close with any of my professors. Is it still appropriate to ask for a LOR knowing they will basically just base it on my grades in their class? Also, I am planning on getting three LORs, would it be appropriate for one to be from my place of employment for while I have been in college?


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Generic LOR's generally won't help you; but if you are considered a "presumptive yes," at your prospective law school they typically will not hurt you either--which means you get in.

You still have plenty of time to develop a relationship worthy of a better LOR.  Here is an article on law school letters of recommendation that might help.

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I had the same problem.  I went to a undergrad where my classes were huge and my professors didnít know me well.  It is extremely important that your recommendations sound genuine and that they sound personable.  You do not want your professors to just regurgitate what is already on your transcript or resume.  Check out my website.  In my ebook, The Star Law Applicant, I have a chapter dedicated to this subject and I discuss what I did to overcome this problem.  I think it worked well because my recommendations turned out excellent.  Wishing you luck!

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