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Hi everyone, I was just accepted to OCU and am in the process of determining if I should attend. The other law school I'm considering is California Western School of Law. I'm waiting to hear back from Texas Tech. I live in Texas but my sister lives in San Diego (down the street from Cal West.) The San Diego atmosphere is amazing but the law school is expensive and I'm not sure if I could transition back into a career in Texas if I decide to go to Cal West. On the other hand I've been awarded a good scholarship at OCU. But I'm not sure what It's like to live in the Oklahoma area or attend this law school. I will not have a car my first year and will therfore have to walk or take public transportation to law school. Does anyone know if there are apartments close to the campus and what they are like? What about how Blackwelder (spelling?) is like overall? Any opinions on which law school would prove most beneficial? All relevant responses welcome! Thanks!


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