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Testmaster LR question types...Does it get easier???

Testmaster LR question types...Does it get easier???
« on: April 08, 2011, 10:42:29 PM »

I'm interested in hearing from anyone that's completed the Testmasters program--is there method to their LR classification madness, and their overall system?  Does it work?  I was on the fence between Powerscore and TM, but ended up selecting TM because they were holding classes in my area and most of the feedback I found about them said they were the best.  Long story short, events beyond my control postponed the in-person class until July.  I ended getting to take the online course before the real class starts in July.  The content is good overall but I am NOT pleased with the online format of the online course.     I've worked a lot with all three bibles and I like their LR classifications and overall outline of the material.  The TM online course is, baisically, the cliffnotes for the lectures of the course. The material requires you to sit infront of your computer and look back and forth from my booklets to computer.  They won't allow me to print off the materials and they don't have sub-headings, bold lettering, or any other form of textual identifiers.  A real pain when you're trying to take notes.  I think PS does a good job of making the text clear and easy to follow.  In addition, I don't understand why TM classifies their LR questions types with numerical values--it seems a bit esoteric and needlessly complicated:  "Okay, this is an assumption question which makes it this numerical value and on this numberical value I do XYZ..."Did I make a mistake in not selecting PS?   The online course just began and I'm still trying to give TM a fair chance, but I'vefound on more occaision I've had to supplement TM's online course with PS bibles...why do I need PS if I paid for TM?

*Deep Breath.*

Sorry, I ended up venting a little bit...Can someone talk me off the ledge and tell me TM was the right choice??? ;D Please.....