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Late applicant to Texas Tech, Help!

Late applicant to Texas Tech, Help!
« on: April 03, 2011, 10:17:42 PM »
Hi everyone, I have a few questions and would be grateful for any kind of relevant response!
First, I applied late (about three weeks or so) to Texas Tech. Any Texas Tech law students have an opinion on what my chances are of getting in? Do you know if the admissions board considers late applicants? My GPA is a 3.0 and my LSAT score was a 152.
I've been accepted to California Western School of Law, Oklahoma City School of Law and Phoenix School of Law. Anyone have opinions on these schools and which one is best to attend? My concerns include debt and the possibility of future job prospects. Again all opinions welcome, help me out!! Thanks.

Re: Late applicant to Texas Tech, Help!
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One of the most important considerations in which law school to attend is where you want to live/work after law school. 

Of the 3 listed, I would say that Cal Western is the best.  That degree, however, puts you working in CA for the forseeable future.  OK city, would probably give you job in OK or Dallas market.  I have no clue outside of AZ how Pheonix would do--the problem is the association with the online college, and the fact that its newly approved.

Texas Tech would do ok for a job anywhere in TX, Dallas market is probably the highest concentration.   

Re: Late applicant to Texas Tech, Help!
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