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Any opinions would be helpful.........

Any opinions would be helpful.........
« on: March 30, 2011, 05:05:46 PM »
A little background:  I just turned 30 and I am finishing up my bachelor's online at Thomas Edison State College (one of NJ's public universities).  I was the classic overachieving burnout.  After straight A's in high school, I moved across country to NYC and took an entry level job in the entertainment industry where I have been ever since.  I went to college a couple of semesters here and there, but never plowed through.  I got the drive to finish and "do something more with my life" last year.  I chose Thomas Edison State College because they allowed me the most flexibility in transferring all of my past college credits, including the ones earned during high school.  In 5 months, I will have my BS in Accounting.  Now that I am on a roll, I am seriously considering law school.  The legal system and it's injustices has always interested me and now that finish line is not some far off unattainable goal, I'm ready to give it a go.  My gpa from TESC is currently 3.9, however that is only cumulated from the 6 classes that I actually took at TESC.  The rest of the credits just show up as CR on my transcript.   On a hunch, I took the Practice LSAT just to see where I am at and I scored a 176.   Since all of you have much more experience in this arena than I do, what obstacles am I facing in getting into a decent law school.  I'm not necessarily shooting for T14.  Hell, CUNY Law interested me, if for no other reason than their affordable tuition and great clinical program.  I would gladly go to a lower tiered school if it meant a free ride.  I just don't know if I am wasting my time considering this now with my small name online degree.  But it does seem as if URM's are in great demand in the legal world.  Any suggestions would be great! 

Re: Any opinions would be helpful.........
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Your GPA will be calculated by LSAC (the people who handle LSAT and application submissions).  So, it won't look that high. 

With a 176, your college won't matter.  With a decent (3.2 ish) cumulative GPA, you will have an easy time getting into law school.  Also, with a little study, your LSAT may end up higher than that.

Your qualifications will be fine.  Your work lies in determining whether law school is a good option for you.  There is a link below to a free book, get it.  It has a discussion of what you can expect during law school/practice.

Good luck!