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UC Hastings Application Question...can i contact the school?

UC Hastings Application Question...can i contact the school?
« on: March 23, 2011, 12:47:50 PM »
So I applied to UC Hastings in mid-January.  It's a real toss up school for me, I have a 163 LSAT and 3.5 GPA so I'm right on the cusp.  Right after applying I received this automated e-mail saying...

"From this point forward, we kindly request that you not submit supplemental application materials (e.g. updated resumes, revised personal statements, or additional letters of recommendation) as we will not be able include them as part of your file. This request does not pertain, however, to addenda or corrections related to the four character questions on page two of the application. 

Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis beginning in mid-January. Please note that although we make every effort to review applications in a timely manner, it may take several weeks before the Admissions Committee is able to evaluate your file. We kindly ask that you not contact the Office of Admissions to ascertain the status of your application, as this will only serve to slow the process down. All other inquiries are welcome."

Hastings is one of my first choice schools and if I got in I would likely go.  So my question is: Can I contact them somehow to let them know I'm still very interested without getting on their nerves?  Or is it best to just wait for the application decision?


Re: UC Hastings Application Question...can i contact the school?
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2011, 08:24:00 AM »
If your sanity requires it you can't take the wait, I would call ONE TIME to ensure that your application is complete.  But, it will not help you to call.  One call probably wouldn't hurt, but what do you expect to hear?  They are not going to tell you what the decision is, or when they will make it.  You will most likely have your answer in the next few weeks anyway.  To directly answer your question, it is best to wait.   

The fact that they are taking this long is not bad news.  You knew you weren't an auto-admit.  At least they didn't say no.  My guess would be wait list at worst (but my psychic powers fluctuate).

If you are wait listed, PM me, I will help you maximize your chances... 

Good luck!

Btw, you should get used to this.  Being a lawyer is all about stress-filled waiting.  ;)


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Re: UC Hastings Application Question...can i contact the school?
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2011, 02:12:07 PM »
I have a bunch of friends that attend there and applied and were rejected and received that same notice. It is just the standard e-mail and as Mike suggest it is just to prevent them from being bothered. Nothing you do or say is going to make much difference at this point, all you can do is wait. Again, this is just the type of the iceberg you get in then you get to wait 6 weeks or something for your first semester grades and go through this cycle 5 additional times. Then you get to wait months to get your bar results back. Then I can only imagine the stress of a trial, or appellate decision. The law requires a lot of waiting around while huge decisions are made.

Your numbers are up there and they are going to admit, reject, or waitlist you. If you are waitlisted then maybe you can add something they will probably give you notice at that point, but right now nothing you do is going to impact their decision. Well don't commit any felonies or misdemeanors that might get you in the reject pile, but otherwise your application, GPA, LSAT, Personal Statement, are what they are.

The waiting sucks, but there is nothing you can do about it and don't really take that generated e-mail to mean anything negative or positive.