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Cooley Law School Has Inspired Me!!!!

Cooley Law School Has Inspired Me!!!!
« on: March 18, 2011, 08:47:01 PM »
A couple years ago when I first started my undergrad degree I came across this board and posted a few topics on here, but since lost my old username. That really does not matter. I plan on taking the LSAT this summer considering I almost done with my undergrad degree. Recently Cooley has released its new ranking where it ranks its self just below Harvard and ranks its self number 2! This has inspired me to start my own law school rankings like Cooley. I am trying to make the rankings as fair as possible just like Cooley Law School rankings that the dean that works for the school uses to rank his own school. I want my law school ranking to be fair so I am free for some advice from anyone that willing to help me with factors that I can include in my own law school rankings. Here is what I got going on so far for my rankings.

Ranking Factors

Weather of the state that the law school is located in will be a major factor. This factor obviously gives warmer sunshine states an advantage. Studies have shown that warm weather makes people happy. Cold Weather plus rainy weather makes people depressed. Generally happier student perform better. Therefore law schools like Northwestern, University of Chicago, and Harvard etc will be as a disadvantage in this ranking because they all have cold weather.

Ratio of unmarried single females to males. Studies have shown law students spend much of their time studying giving less time for free activities and are usually pretty stressed out. This will give students less time to go out to meet people. Studies have shown that sex relieves stress. Law school that have more single males or females will be at disadvantage to law schools that have more of a even ratio because these law schools will give students opportunities to hook up with a fellow law student to have sex and relieve stress.

Another important rating factor in my ranking will be the distance of restroom facilities to class rooms. This is very important because people are paying for law school. In the instance that a law student will have to leave class and use the restroom they need a restroom that is close so they can quickly return to class to get that educated. The further the restrooms the longer the student will be out of class missing out on very important info. Law schools that have restrooms closer to classes compare to further away will be at the advantage in my rankings.

Another important factor to consider is the types of foods that the cafeteria serves at the law school. Studies of shown that certain food can cause stuff to happen in the brain (I am no doctor but I know it does something). The schools that serve foods that help stimulate positive brain activity will be advantage compare to law school schools that don't serve these foods.

Can anyone else think of any factors that I can include in my BS oh excuse me my very real sincere rankings. Please feel free to contribute.