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What Law Schools can I get into with my low GPA!!

What Law Schools can I get into with my low GPA!!
« on: March 08, 2011, 04:36:23 PM »
Ok so here is my situation. I have a low gpa for on the law school scale. It's a 2.7...I know it isn't great. My first two years of college I just dicked around, went out drinking all the time and really did not give two shits about grades. All I cared about was my sport and going out. However after my sophomore year I began to pick it up and I grew up. My Junior and Senior GPA is a 3.5 (which I know still isn't eye grabbingly amazing but its good for me.) Over last summer I worked and studied extraordinarily hard and got a 165 LSAT (once again this is good for me). So my stats are a 2.7gpa/ 165 LSAT. Do you think any law schools will consider my junior and senior gpa instead or at least consider the improvement? Also could my athletic achievements help me? I was a D1 athlete, two-time team captain, two time 1st Team All-Conference and I got Player of the Year my senior year. I really do think I excell in team situations and I do think I am good leader, do you think they will see this from my achievements? I realize Harvard and Yale might be looking for a different breed but what can I get into? It would be great if you could tell me some safety's, about right's and the reachers. I am not a naturally smart person but my greatest attribute is that I can work hard. Harder than most people and I know how to push myself. I really do not want these two years of getting all caught up in college life to ruin my career ambitions. Last thing I went to a respectable top 30 liberal arts college (Lafayette College). I am one year out of college. Thanks for your help. 


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Re: What Law Schools can I get into with my low GPA!!
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You get into numerous schools and get a lot of scholarship money with those numbers. is the best site to look at for this type of info. You can search for applicants with your exact numbers and see what schools they got into and how much scholarship money they got. You basically have the same background as I did before going to law school, but you did better on your LSAT. You should do fine, but unfortunalley all your soft factors mean very little to admissions committees unless you are a minority.

Check out honestly and it will answer the vast majority of your questions and you can e-mail students that actually attend the schools you are considering. Good luck to you.

Re: What Law Schools can I get into with my low GPA!!
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Thanks alot man!