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Former Diplomat applying to T14 need advice

Former Diplomat applying to T14 need advice
« on: March 07, 2011, 10:40:10 PM »
I am a former diplomat for a foreign country in the Midwest well into my thirties and have  the good fortune of obtaining an LOR from a federal magistrate.   I graduated in 1998 from a jesuit university with a 2.0.  I have  scored a 148 on the Feb lsat.   I am male and latino.  (south american)

I have applied to some t-14 reaches and some more in my range. Mostly local.  I have recently been diagnosed with ADHD by a reputable behaviorial sciences institute and have supporting data.  While  I know it is late in the Admissions cycle I cannot decide whether or not to supply my applications with a supplemental addendum disclosing my condition.  I know that legally it cant hurt but in practical terms what do you think about disclosing it.  I asked my law advisor who is recent grad from law school 03 and she felt that it would help. What do you guys out there think?