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White Student At HBCU

White Student At HBCU
« on: March 01, 2011, 04:42:23 PM »
Hey All,
I'm a white male from NJ with an LSAT and GPA that puts me right in the acceptance range for Southern University Law Center, NCCU, and Florida A&M. Does anyone have any input about white people attending HBCU's, and even these in particular. Any experiences or advice you could share would be appreciated. Thanks.

Re: White Student At HBCU
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2011, 02:11:29 AM »
Good luck trying to get a job back on the coast with that Southern degree! NCCU is a very well respected institution in the carolinas. Notice though you wont be looked at the same way as your white counterparts who went to wake forest and unc. In fact you will be looked down even below the black grads in my view. See people have this perception that the white students did soooo bad that they had to go to a black school. That their gpa must be sooo low that even being white couldnt help them get into a school. That says alot. Are you comfortable being the only white person in a room filled with blacks? There are white students but you will find yourself alone and if you are one of those self segregating whites, its going to be very difficult for you.

Black people for the most part are nice but if you are white and trip up...ex: make a racist comment...youre cut off. you will instantly become invincible. Infact, the environment may become down right hostile. In all honesty you have other choices to go to school if race is a big deal to you. I just have a feeling you are more concerned with price than anything. Be know gpa and lsat is only part of what you are trying to do here. Youre trying to save money. Its cool. But be upfront about it. Your not fooling anybody. NJ to Southern??? Come on man, you must thing we are stupid. You already getting yourself in trouble.

Look into a school called Southern Illinois. a nice white school with hbcu type tuition.