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0L supplements for sale

0L supplements for sale
« on: March 01, 2011, 02:33:00 AM »
In my courses I did not really go over anything that post-dates any of these books but would be in another supplement...when we covered new material, supplement wouldn’t help (e.g. in con law we read the healthcare opinions but no supplement has them).  Exception is Civ Pro., only topic missing is plausibility pleading but I think doctrine here is still far too muddled for supplement to be very helpful.    There was no “bad law” in the supplements.   
Shipping prices depend on how much you buy.  Ships from CA.  I'll use media mail to keep costs down.   

Crunchtime Property, 2005, like new, $15
Questions and Answer Property, 2003, like new, $20
Real Property in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition, 1993, some bent pages and bent cover but no writing/highlighting, $7
18th Edition Bluebook Hardcover, no writing/highlighting, 19th is current edition, $10
Understanding Property Law, 2000, like new, $20
Law in a Flash: Real Property Cards from Emmanuel: new, unopened, $20
Law in a Flash: Future Interests Cards (more property law, probably property I at most schools), 1989 edition (I am almost certain that law has not changed in any way for purposes of these cards), cards somewhat yellowed but full set is there.  $10
Civil procedure, E and E, 5th Edition (6th is current): some bent pages and bent cover but no writing/highlighting, does not have iqbal/twombly but does have celotex (e.g. new frcp rule 56), don’t think 6th edition gives much advantage.  $20 for copy listed above, $10 for a highlighted used copy.
Civil Procedure: Cases, Materials, and Questions (Hardcover Treatise), Fourth Edition, Freer, 2005, a good bit of highlighting, $15
Torts, E and E, writing in pencil on about 5% of pages, 3rd edition (2005), very good condition.  $20
Gilbert Crim Law, 2002, some slightly bent pages and bent cover but no writing/highlighting, $15
Contract Law: Selected Source Materials 2009 Edition, Excellent Condition, $10
Civ Pro Gilbert, 1994 ed., heavy highlighting but multiple-choice questions and essays in back are clean.  $5
Civ. Pro Emannuel, 2006: cover slightly bent but excellent condition otherwise, $20
Law School Insider: excellent condition, takes place at Cornell, very insightful picture of law school, $7
Questions and Answers Contracts, like new, revised 1st edition (2006), $20
Civil Procedure: Cases and Problems 3rd ed (2006), Babcock/Massaro/Spaulding: hardcover casebook, like new, $20
Chirelstein on Contracts: no writing/highlighting, very good condition, $10
Understanding Criminal Law, 4th edition (2006), very good condition, some slightly bent pages and bent cover but no writing/highlighting, $20
Federal Rules of Evidence 2009-2010 Edition, like new: $10
Emannuel Torts, 2005 Edition, Very Good, one page fell out, but no writing or highlighting inside.  $20
Casenote legal briefs torts (summaries and short analysis of cases), keyed to epstein’s torts, 2002 edition: $7
Battered Women and The Law, Casebook, 2001 Edition, like new: $15
Perspectives on Contract Law, 2005 Ed., highlighting in 1/3, $10
Legal Writing and Analysis 3rd Edition, highlighting in 1/3, $10
Getting to Maybe, no highlighting/writing, $7
Law School Confidential, no highlighting/writing, $5
Contracts E and E, 2nd Ed., no highlighting/writing, excellent condition, $20
Glannon Guide to Civ Pro, no highlighting/writing,  very good condition, $10
Crim Law E and E, excellent condition, $20
Con Law Emannuel's, excellent condition, $20
Gilbert's Torts, no writing/highlighting, good condition, $15