Law School Discussion

I am having a lot of trouble....Cal Western w/ $$ or University of Denver

Hello all and thanks in advance for your replies!

I have been considering attending law school now for several years. I have battled with the LSAT and taken it twice. One score I cancelled, the other a 154. I have a 3.9 GPA from a Arizona State University. Anyway, I have applied to several schools and have been accepted to a few and am still waiting on a few for decisions. So far I have been accepted to Phoenix School of law (15k per year scholarship), Cal-Western School of Law (Full tuition for first year, 1/2 tuition for 2nd and 3rd year), University of Denver (no money), and Seattle University (no money). I have been wait-listed at University of Miami and I am still waiting to hear from University of Arizona, Arizona State, and University of San Diego in which I know I am a long shot. For years I have researched and researched attending law school and never thought of attending a T3 or T4 school, but I am seriously considering attending Cal-Western...I am not going to law school to make a fortune, I genuinely want to obtain the education I have always wanted, I want to KNOW the law. I also want to get out of law school with as little debt as possible. So my question is...Is it a bad decision to attend Cal Western with a 2/3 ride scholarship?