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Transferring between law schools

Transferring between law schools
« on: February 16, 2011, 06:32:35 PM »
Hi, what is the process for transferring ?
What are the minimum and maximum amounts of time that must/can be spent at the original law school before one can transfer?
Is it considered acceptable to apply and enter one school with the intention to (asap) transfer to another school (preferred choice)?
Are most/all/some transfers accepted? What %age are and are not accepted?
thanks very much for all answers.


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Re: Transferring between law schools
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2011, 12:09:36 PM »
It is not a good idea to go into a law school intending to transfer. Your age etc does not make any difference in your ability to transfer. All that really matters are your first year grades. I have heard of a few schools that will accept you after a year and a half, but after that I am pretty sure you are stuck for the last half of law school. Generally to be able to transfer up you will need to be in at least the top 20% of your class and to transfer to top schools the top 5% of your class. There is an 80% chance you will not be in the top 20% and a 95% chance you will not be in the top 5%. So generally it is unlikely you will be able to transfer and that is why it is never a good idea to go into a 3 year 150,000 commitment expecting to transfer based on a 20% chance and that is a generous estimate. You probably need to rank higher than that generally.

Whatever school you end up going to should be one you are happy with. If you happen to end up in the top 5% or something like that awesome, but it is not something to count on.