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Law Students World Federation

Law Students World Federation
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"S Law Society" aims to gather law students from major universities across the world so as to learn in a different way and to extend this influence in our future life as lawyers by creating strong links with law students all over the world.

To do so we have made partnerships with the Student Law Society and with student's association in major universities in every continent. Among those universities : Aberdeen, Alger, Athens, Berlin, Beyrouth, Bogota, Bombay, Cairo, Cambridge, Chili, Denver, Geneva, Harvard, Kent, Leicester, Leeds, Madrid, Manchester, Oxford, Seattle, Seoul, Sophia, Stanford, Sydney, Teheran, UCLA, USC, Westminster, Warwick, Yale.

The Law Students World Federation has an international dimension, the goal of this federation is :

- to help all law students in the success of their studies

- to defend the interests, rights and the integration in a professional environment of law students

- to promote international exchanges and the relationship between students and professionals at a global level

- to further a closer relationship between solicitors, barristers, judges and the authorities in the legal world

- to facilitate a closer relationship between all legal professionals globally

- to create an international law review

- to create the first global internship database

- to establish international conferences with partner countries to advance the communication of professional and cultural knowledge in the legal world

- to organise seminars and trips, especially with emerging countries in the legal world, allowing cultural and professional exchanges in the legal field

- to open the study of the modern law discipline to complementary techniques and sciences such as marketing, psychology, neuro-linguistic program

- to place law in the mind of young lawyers in a subsidiary position to comprehension, communication, negotiation, mediation and arbitration

- to promote law as a construction device and not only as a dispute-resolution device

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