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Options for people who suck at the LSAT and have a low GPA

Re: Options for people who suck at the LSAT and have a low GPA
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BTW... I'm 22 years old, and got a job with a start up company last year, that has taken off. Guess how much I am making now? Almost 70K annual salary... Not bad for a 2010 undergrad.... I didn't include that in my initial post either.

How much does the district court pay you???

Have you paid off your law school debts yet???

I'm not trying to be an a-hole, and do appreciate your insight. I just think you have some ill concieved thoughts travelling through your mind. Who honestly passes judgment on someone based on their LSAT score?

It sucks that people are using this site to throw around insults.  If you really want to go to law school you can do it.  I agree with the poster who suggested that you take a pay cut and work at a law firm for a while.  Within 6 months you should get real perspective on whether or not you would like being a lawyer.  You should also find a couple professors from undergrad that you did well in their class and stay in touch with them, you are going to need some good undergrad LOR's to overcome a lower GPA.  Check out this law school information website.  It offers a free book on law school admissions--read it.