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Creighton university vs. UALR

Creighton university vs. UALR
« on: February 05, 2011, 07:09:57 PM »
Help me!
If you already attend or if you are planning to attend, and you are familiar with the area, can you give me a little bit of insight? Which school should I choose.
Creighton university offered me a three-quarter scholarship(almost 22000 per year) renewable so long as I maintain a full-time student in good standing. And university of arkansas at little rock gave me a more than 50% scholarship(15000 per year) renewable as long as I maintain Top60%.
So I can not decide.......


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Re: Creighton university vs. UALR
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2011, 09:42:46 PM »
A lot of it depends on where you want to live. If you are cool with Nebraska then Creighton if you would prefer Arkansas then UALR. If it is not that easy then consider the costs. Creighton is 28,000 + 20,000 annually for living expenses. With your scholarship 6,000 + 20,000 = 26,000 x 3=72,000 total debt at graduation.

$10,807 or 22,000 at UALR depening on residency. Living Expenses estimated at 12,000. If you become a resident at UALR with your scholarship it sounds like you will recieve more than tuition. I would really check and see what the residency requirements are there. If that 15,000 dollar scholarship applies if you are resident you would be getting paid to go to law school, which would be pretty sweet. That is definitely something to consider. Remember there is a 40% chance you will lose your scholarship. Nothing against you, but there is a 40% chance you will not be in the top 60%. Worst case scenario for you 7,000 1st year, 44,000 next two years + 36,000 in living expenses. 97k debt at graduation. If you keep it all three years then 21,000 + 36,000=53,000 and if you qualify for residency and get the scholarship as well then you are doing great.

I would say if the residency and scholarship can work together at UALR that is where you should go. is also something to consider. It looks like around 50% of Creighton Grads actually reported a salary. REmember U.S. News and the ABA count being a fry cook or managing partner at a massive law firm equally when counting employment so those stats are misleading. Lawschooltransparency is not great, but much better than U.S. News or ABA. Looks like UALR has similar stats. It really comes down to where you want to be and how much you are willing to spend. IMHO if you can get resdiency and the scholarship UALR would probably be the best bet if you would not mind ending up in Arkansas.

Just my two cents good luck to you.

Re: Creighton university vs. UALR
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2011, 05:19:32 PM »
I visited Creighton last november.  Rather than ramble on, ask some specific questions about the college and Omaha and I'll fill you in.