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NSU application under review. 151 LSAT and 2.87 GPA...


I am planning on retaking the LSAT this month and believe I can score closer to a 156.  My question is, should I have my application pulled from review and then have it resubmitted once my Feb. score is released? 

I am worried that by letting the review board make a decision now, I may be accepted for the AAMPLE program.  I believe I can petition to have the board review my application again if my score is significantly higher.  Obviously, I'd rather not have to do the AAMPLE.

So, I just checked and my application is in the hands of the review board - I need to make a decision quickly and have not gotten much help from my admissions advisor.  Any helpful suggestions will be much appreciated.

Thanks, and please save your comments about retaking the LSAT for the following cycle.  I have heard this suggestion already many times and have already considered it.

Thank you.

p.s. Out of college 5 years with decent work experience/personal statement

Nova Southeastern

What's up...I applied to Nova too and I have similar numbers to yours with 5 years work experience. My app status also says In Review. This is my first time applying to law school so I'm no expert but based on what I've read if you are denied or accepted through AAMPLE and have another LSAT score coming up, you may be able to ask them for reconsideration with the new information. Do some research on that, I've read about it a few times. Good luck!


I've already been accepted to Nova.  I have heard from friends (who are now graduating from Nova Law) that they were very glad that they were accepted into AAMPLE, mainly because it taught them how to take law school exams, and prepared them well for law school, and they saw it as an advantage over classmates who did not go through AAMPLE. 

I would contact the school or check their site for their procedures.  Did you indicate in your application that you would be re-taking the test? I did that on mine, and even though it said "In Review" they did not give me a decision letter until the new LSAT scores were in their system.

Good luck!


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