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The Difference Between Sent and Complete?


The Difference Between Sent and Complete?
« on: January 30, 2011, 02:14:58 PM »
So, like many of you I look at lawschoolnumbers and I am wondering what the difference between sent and complete is?

One of my schools, basically one of the two if I were accepted to both, I would have to decide between sent me a postcard saying they received my app and thanks. It then said to make sure I finish my CAS registration, which uh, I am pretty sure I did since I paid and transmitted the app electronically to them. It also said they would let me know when my app is complete. What? I mean, this school had all of these requirements, send a photo, send a certification letter, send transcripts directly to them instead of just through LSAC (all of which I did). Is there something I am missing here or does this sound as confusing to all of you who have been through the app process? In that case, would it be wise to verify first with LSAC that my CAS registration is definitely complete and second, call them and ask them what they mean and third, call the other schools and ask if I'm "cool" or if I need to do anything else to finalize my application?