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Which Florida law school would you go to if your options are as follows?

St. Thomas with 15K/yr scholarship
Barry with 11K/yr scholarship
Nova Southeastern with no scholarship

Which Florida law school would you go to if your options are as follows?

Which Florida law school would you go to if your options are as follows?  Assume you must attend one.  If you'd like to leave a reply or post a message, please feel free to advise how you would best produce job prospects and increased salary (e.g. transfer?) given that one of these schools will be your starting point for 1L.

bump..same question

St Thomas is in the ghetto! Like really.. there is a gated entry with security and a fence around the whole campus, and it looks like crap. With tuition like that... really? It sounds ok, and looks ok online, but the location... eh.

Id say barry given it has a solid hold on the orlando area, and its cheaper to live in orlando.


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I would probably just take the school that gives you the most scholarship money, but the conditions of the scholarship are important to consider. Many schools will give you a 3.0 requirement to maintain your scholarship and this is much harder to do than it was in undergrad. My school for example requires that you be in the top 35% of the class to get a 3.0 your first year. Nothing against any incoming 1L, but there is a 65% chance you will not be in the top 35%. Everyone at any ABA school is smart and thinks they will be in the top 10% during the first week of school. 90% of people don't end up there. If one of the scholarship offers has more favorable conditions I would recommend that.

All those schools are fine when ELITE schools are not involved it is best to get out with as little debt as possible. This site does give more accurate data for employment prospects than U.S. News or the ABA It lists salaries for graduates, but St. Thomas for some reason did not report it is the only school I know of that did this, which seems strange. You may also want to consider applying to FIU if you haven't already. There in-state tuition would be cheaper than any of those schools even with the scholarships you are being offered. You will not have to fight to keep your scholarship either, because it is in the tuition. I believe FIU is only 11k a year, which is what you will be paying at St. Thomas your first year and if you lose your scholarship you will be 25k the next 2 years. Just a thought. Good luck.

Have you considered FAMU COL in Orlando?