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This school is not as easy as it sounds.  It uses Gilberts outlines as textbooks.  You have to summarize and outline each book.  It took me four months to get through the Legal Research volume.  Right now I am on the Gilberts Civil Procedure volume.    As I go through the book, I download and read each case that is cited in the Gilberts volume.  I use the Google Scholar database.  The new articles I plan to write will be a digest of all the cases in each Gilberts outline.  There are over 1000 cases cited in the Civil Procedure Gilberts volume alone.  This school is essentially law school by correspondence.  As a result, I am eligible to sit for the California Bar Exam whenever I finish this time consuming educational project.  Towards the end of the program, I have to submit a final project.  My final project will be a compilation of California case facts and holdings (a type of hornbook) on domestic violence from the 1800s until 2011.  I am also studying for NALA's Certified Legal Assistant exam.  I just completed an online paralegal program that has made me eligible to sit for the exam.

The approach Mid-Atlantic takes is different, but certainly does not seem easy!  May I ask which online paralegal program you completed?  A member of my staff is interested in attending such a program and with so many available it's difficult to know which ones are good. Good luck in your future endeavors. 


It is only DETC accredited and the books are written for an audience with absolutely no knowledge of the law.  I stayed with it because it is one of the few certificate programs (best for those who already have a college degree or two (or three, in my case)) with enough hours that will make the graduate eligible to sit for the Certified Legal Assistant exam.  I recommend that anyone taking an online paralegal course makes sure that the program makes him or her eligible to sit for the CLA exam.    Many online paralegal courses are not ABA approved.  So, when the graduate starts looking for an entry level paralegal position, he/she will be competing against graduates of ABA accredited courses.  The CLA certificate will put an online graduate on the same playing field as those graduates of ABA approved programs.

I have been a student at Mid Atlantic School of Law since 2009. Prior to MASL, I attended NOVUS Law School which is a joke. I have found MASL to be a rigious program and a foundation for learning. I have five more courses before I am done. Before enrolling, I researched the school, and was able to contact the Washington DC Bar Association and found out that once I complete law school, and take 26 semester hours at an ABA accredited, and then take the bar in DC. So, my research has led me to continue with MASL and take 26 semester hours.

The only issue I have with MASL is it takes several days before someone answer my legal questions and no one return my calls. overall, I have no major complaints. I plan to finish the program in May 2011.

P.S. Instead of a final project, I completed a six month internship with a lic. attorney. This was an awesome experience. 

Congratulations!  I am happy to meet a fellow student. :)


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