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so discouraged and need some advice


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Re: so discouraged and need some advice
« Reply #50 on: January 23, 2011, 07:07:47 PM »
Yea who the hell knows. Bottom line is you should study as hard as you can for the LSAT, because you can improve your score with study. How much you can improve your score is up for debate. Next step actually  show up and take the test. You will get a score somewhere between 120 and 180. Hopefully, you will score as high as possible. There is no guaranteed way to score a 160 or higher that will work for everyone.  Different people learn different ways, but I took the LSAT nearly three years ago. For all I know maybe in the last three years some course came out that guarantees everyone will score a 160 if they use it.  I missed out on the boat and if it exists find it. It is very possible I am way off base, but generally people come away from the LSAT with different scores. Most people that actually show up to the test and spend 100+ bucks to do it are under the impression they are prepared. Somehow people come away with varying scores. If you scored a 170+ then you obviously did something right and you succeeded at the first baby step in your legal career. Congratulations!

 If you got a 140 the first time around it is not the end of the world.  With more practice you can certainly improve your score. How much you will improve is up for debate. To the OP try again and hopefully you will get a 160+ score. If there aguaranteed way to succeed exists I am sure he/she would be happy to hear it.  I am not aware of any, but if something exists that guarantees you will get a 160+ you could probably make a lot of money selling it. As I understand it Kaplan or any other course does not guarantee you will score a 160+. They would probably go out of business if they did. This is because 80% of test takers do not score over 160. I imagine the vast majority of test takers take some kind of course. It would probably severely hurt business if you had to give a refund to 80% of your customers.