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This Should be Required Pre-Law School Reading

Re: This Should be Required Pre-Law School Reading
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Yea... read that quote and had to wonder about being so sloppy while (1) trying to be a lawyer, and (2) actually admitting that for all the world/prospective employers to see... dumb@$$!

Indeed not.  There's another quote in there that's an eye-opener, and important for all law students:

Im not really good at keeping records.

Re: This Should be Required Pre-Law School Reading
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Thane, are you implying that you have to do work and take accountability for yourself to be a successful attorney? Keeping records and being organized might really keep me away from blogging on the internet or checking my face book.

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This would be funny if it weren't so sad.  And true.  Just yesterday I saw students guffawing over the latest clips.  Two points came to mind.  First, they were hee-hawing over clips of a child doing something crazy and very nearly suffering critical, potentially lifelong paralysis.  I like humor.  I like fun.  I really do.  That's what keeps life interesting and light.  But the only two things this told me was how unfunny it was, and how seriously disturbed these students were for thinking it was funny.

The second point was that it was obvious that, to these students, it was class that was the distraction.

For anyone who'd like a sneak peek into the mind of your prof:  They have you pegged.  They'll never say it, but they'll know to an amazingly accurate degree just how far you'll go.

Have great fun, get smashed, have lots of sex, whatever.  But when you're in public, remember what your grandparent might have said.  You WILL be judged accordingly.  And these judgments WILL make a difference.

Sorry for sounding like someone's grandparent.  = :   )

Re: This Should be Required Pre-Law School Reading
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Completely agree, he is an unsympathetic example on the one hand - but it still raises the question about the accountability of lenders and easy access to such horrendous debt.  At what point do these loans stop?  Lenders accountable for being stupid enough to grant these loans, this guy accountable for taking out the loans.  If so much money is readily available, what motivation is there for schools to "right-price" their product?  The tuition/loan system is feeding itself: raise tuition, increase loan amounts... and so on. 

True, but one of the dangers is that the incentives built into the system point in the opposite direction:  ever-higher mountains of debt.  This was all serviceable a long as the system works, which works until it doesn't.  When recessions hit, graduates are hit first and hardest.  And clients are increasingly unwilling to foot the bill for all of this.