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Doing some law-related work??


Hello all,

I am currently in a college and looking for some law-related work as internship or volunteering.
Is there any NGOs or other organizations that I could have internship positions? Preferably in Atlanta or somewhere near.
I do know it seems pretty tough for undergrads to have an intern in law-related positions, but I just want to have some experience with it and know more about law.

And... Have a wonderful day! :)

In Atlanta, you should be able to do lots of things if you don't mind not getting paid.  Some of the NGOs (like Care) are pretty competitive, but try Legal Aid or emailing law firms to see if they need some help.  Some of the smaller NGOs probably could use some help as well, just look around at places you're interested in and send some emails out.

Lots of the free clinics bring in undergrad students to helpout. Don't expect to do too much paralegal work(they normally reserve that for JD students) but you can still do the secretary and legwork for them. It might not matter on your lawschool resume very much but it will look good when you apply for a legal intership in your 2L(especially if its at the same place and they know and like you already)


The role you fill in the internship is not nearly as important as the exposure. 


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