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University of Miami's Pre-law program?

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--- Quote from: jgraha17 on December 15, 2010, 07:10:24 PM ---Is the pre-law program at the University of Miami worth going to the school?

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This is Derrick Hibbard, the author of Law School Fast Track and a student of the University of Miami School of Law.  I recently had the opportunity to speak on a panel for a pre-law group at UM and it was a good experience--it seemed like the students were being well prepared.  UM as a whole is a very good school and the pre-law program follows suit.

That said, here is my opinion:
Do not choose to go to a school based on their pre-law program--although some might be better than others, a pre-law program is only really beneficial in that it helps you in the application process and maybe (MAYBE) helps familiarize you with a few basic principles that you will cover in much more depth in your first year.  A pre-law program will NOT help you get into a school--it might even hurt you, as many law schools are looking for people with diverse backgrounds.  I took some classes with the pre-law program and while it was interesting, it did not help at all. 

The best thing you can do, as marcus-aurelius said, is get good grades and do well on the LSAT.  Take an LSAT prep course and really study hard to get good grades.  For better or for worse, law schools really place a lot of weight on that.

imho pre-law is a waste of time.  You'll get enough law in law school, spend undergrad learning something else - almost everything is complementary to legal studies.  Pick something you like and will do well in.


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