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Renege Job Acceptance? Need Advice


Ok, so here is the deal. I accepted a job offer for the summer in mid-October. I am happy with the job but it is a couple hours away from where I live and go to school. I am married and my wife is in graduate school too. Recently, my wife told me she wanted to pursue medical school. Unfortunately there is not a medical school in the city where I will be working this summer. My main concern is that I will be working in a position at a firm, earning money, but ultimately realize that I will not be able to accept a permanent position with them. I have only been told that they intend to hire full time who they have hired for the summer. Whether or not its true, I am going to assume they will offer if I do well. The problem is that if I accept my wife and I will be apart for 4 years. Also, to make things more complicated, I have no idea if she will get in and she will not even know how she did on the MCAT until next October. This means, if I do receive an offer, it will be in August and I will not know if she has a shot at getting in until October. My assumption is that she will, she has a 3.9 as a biochem major. I was kind of blindsided by her wanting to do this but I would never tell someone not to do something. On one hand, I don't want to be away for four years assuming she gets in and I get the job and on the other hand I do not want to work there and waste their investment if I don't think I could accept a position. Any advice? Is this an ethical reason for reneging on my acceptance? I honestly did not see this coming and would need to find another job here but it would be worth it for me. Any advice?


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