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The "most effective" logic game strategies?

The "most effective" logic game strategies?
« on: December 10, 2010, 10:32:40 AM »
I attempted to begin my LSAT training last week (taking LSAT in June), only to be completely stuck on the first question. I didn't even know where to begin!! This leads me to believe that my weak area is definitely the logic games portion. I have done exercises on the other areas, and while I need to practice (I'm just beginning- and plan on giving this test my ALL) it wasn't nearly as challenging as the logic games part. I found myself staring at the problem, scribbling notes and symbols, only to get the question wrong. I will either take a course or hire a tutor, but I'd like to begin my self-prep as soon as possible, and work on my own. I don't want to wait until the course or the tutor.

Is there an effective (but easy, think Logic for Dummies) way to learn the "tricks" of each logic question type? I've read online that there are only a few types. I started reading the McGraw Hill Logic Games book and the explanation is... (how do I put this) more confusing than the LSAT questions themselves.

Any suggestions?