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Question from Oct 1996

Question from Oct 1996
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Hi Everyone,

If anyone can help me figure this out I would really appreciate it. Thanks alot...

Oct 1996, #9 on section 1

I was down between C and D. Personally I think if you recover more slowly when you get sick from food you would more likely be affected by the bad food you've eaten. I think C and D are equally good however, can anyone tell me why C is the right answer and why D isnt? Is it because with C you get sick more frequently?

Re: Question from Oct 1996
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The stimulus does not mention anything about hating foods depending on how long one stays sick, so D can't be correct. The stimulus focuses on the taste of foods and getting sick from foods, so the answer should connect these two in some way. C does just that. If little kids have more acute taste, then they will assign distinct flavors to more foods than adults would. They also get sick more, so they will develop a distaste for foods quicker than adults because they taste more distinct flavors and they assign hate to these flavors because they get sick more often.

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Re: Question from Oct 1996
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with questions like these (support, strengthen, etc.), make sure the answer matches the information in the question.