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Strengthen questions

Strengthen questions
« on: December 02, 2010, 01:48:02 PM »
Hi guys,
I was hoping for some help with these questions. Usually the correct answers pop up to me in these question types but for some reason not in the following cases. I dont have the section and problem #, but I have the dates of the lsats these problems were in

1) Financial success doesnt guarantee happiness question - Dec 1994 lsat

They say that the conclusion that FS(financial success) ---> not GH (guarantee happiness) is verified by the claim that 1/3 of those studied who were financially successful claimed they were happy.

I was down between A and B. Why isnt B correct? Wouldnt B be correct because it states that FS is no longer necessary to be happy - which is the contraposition of FS-->not GH ; GH ---> not FS?

I see why A looks good also, but what threw me off was when they say "for the most part" - had they have said those who reported success were successful it wouldve been 100% solid for me.

2) Practice test 15, section 3, #11

Toy labeling law question - June 1995

This one had answers that all looked appealing to me. They state that toy labeling laws should require detailed info on toys that state the dangers the toys can pose. There are labels that indicate what age the toy is for currently, which helps parents in some cases decrease the risk of injury, but they say that injuries could be prevented almost completely if they had more detailed safety instructions on the toys

- Why isnt it A? I think A and B sound equally good.......

Thanks in advance!