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Is there anything wrong with doing nothing but 35+ practice tests to study?

I definitely don't want to take a course, and I've never liked using other people's strategies when taking standardized tests. Would I be sufficiently prepared if I just took 35-36 practice tests and thoroughly reviewed what I did wrong?

ALSO, how much did you improve from the first practice test/diagnostic test to the actual test/last practice test? Would someone who gets a 160 on a diagnostic be able to bring it up to 170+ with practice? I'm pretty clueless about the LSAT although I read the stickied FAQ's.


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I never took a course either and boosted my score 12 points by doing numerous practice tests. I have heard varying things from people about courses.  Some people claim it is a waste of money others claim it helped them get an outstanding score. In my opinion it seems like an IQ test though and whatever your diagnostic is you should be able to bring up by 10-12 points.

I would recommend buying some book to teach you basic strategies.  I took a prep course and it boosted my score on practice tests 26 points, and 20 on my real LSAT.  So knowing the bsica strategies helps