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Why seeking top tier?

Re: Why seeking top tier?
« Reply #10 on: November 21, 2010, 05:04:48 PM »
It sounds like a couple of them were hired as associates from Pace tier 4 and worked there way up to partner....

I think you're also discounting the fact that there were far fewer attorneys and the economy wasn't completely in the sh1tter when they began practicing law.  The same is not true today.


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Re: Why seeking top tier?
« Reply #11 on: November 21, 2010, 06:01:05 PM »
Yea again same as every profession. America is not the top economic powerhouse it was and it is continuing to decline. We are in the midst of a NATIONAL recession and succeeding in America is not as easy as it was before. Our generation is probably going to have work harder than the past 2 or 3 generations because the rest of the world is learning to manufacture and get their acts together. It is going to be tough and unfortunately our generation is probably one of the laziest in American History when it needs to be the hardest working. This reality effects the legal profession and everything out there.

Re: Why seeking top tier?
« Reply #12 on: November 25, 2010, 06:34:05 PM »
That firm actually did have a lot of attorneys that went to Yale, Michigan, and UVA. However, they hired 4 of their 13 lawyers from low ranked schools.  Generally a firm that says we are only hiring top grads has a bunch of people from Western State, but this firm did a decent job of backing it up. Still 30% of their lawyers did not ATTEND top schools.  As far as I know Pace, Loyola New Orleans, and UConn are not TOP schools. That just shows you do not need to attend a top law school even if people say we are only taking top students.

Bottom line is it is just an advertising tactic.  I am sure if a Cooley grad could help them out they would get hired. This type of add scares insecure students from lower ranked schools.  I am sure a firm does not want to waste their time dealing with someone with limited raw intelligence compared to their peers and does not have enough confidence in themselves to succeed. So they put Top Tier only in their add and that way they get top tier grads to apply and people from lower ranked schools who at least have some confidence in themselves. Below is a list of attorneys  that work at this firm who are not top undergrad & top law school grads.

Ernest F. Teitell
    * Loyola University New Orleans School of Law, New Orleans, Louisiana, Juris Doctor
    * Bethany College, Bachelor of Arts

Marilyn Ramos
    * Pace University School of Law, White Plains, New York, 1989, Juris Doctor,
    * University of Connecticut, Master of Arts, Spanish Literature

Angelo Ziotas
    * University of Connecticut School of Law, Hartford, Connecticut, Juris Doctor, Cum Laude
    * Connecticut College, New London, Major in Biology, Minor in Biochemistry

Kathleen L. Brandt
    * Pace University School of Law, White Plains, New York, 1996, Juris Doctor, Magna Cum Laude
    * Western Connecticut State University, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Magna Cum Laude

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