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Thank You: The Simpsons!!!

Thank You: The Simpsons!!!
« on: November 09, 2010, 11:47:47 PM »
I love the Simpsons. I am not at both ends of the spectrum, or fans who think the show used to be great and now it is terrible, or fans who think it is even bigger than ever. I am somewhere in the middle. I think for a while the Simpsons was the most intelligent and funny writing on television. It is no longer at this level, but Simpsons is still smarter than most of what is there. It is a very good achievement after all these years. Ií m biased in favor of the first episodes. I even like the first season. I am not worried about the crude animation or the fact that Homer is voice had not yet paid for their possible revision. Like the first episodes, because at the time of Springfield is a parody of a small town or neighborhood in the United States. As the Simpsons continued, it became increasingly clear that Springfield has Hollywood. producers famous friends began appearing in episodes of being shamelessly flattered, had more jokes about the entertainment world, then Matt Groening began making appearances.

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