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Add U, Entourage!!!

Add U, Entourage!!!
« on: November 09, 2010, 11:43:59 PM »
all that fame, fortune, luxury, and let go to his head, agents, directors, publicists, and all others who lie, entourage cheat or steal to get a piece of you, and remember your true friends. These are all essential ingredients that make  Entourage very entertaining as well as a boat when you think how based in reality. I take entourage as a warming; the entertainment industry is where I started to get my feet wet. There is much truth in this piece of fiction: either everyone wants a piece of himself or does not know his name and you can not spend a minute of your time. In my short time dedicated to dealing with people in the industry on both coasts, I have found more than flips and the ego out of control than I can count. Entourage did an excellent job exposing the dangers of life in Los Angeles while still managing to present them in a very nice way.
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