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Bar Exam Tutor [D. of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey New York]

I offer an individualized bar review course for the below
bar exams, for about three months, starting in November
for the February bar and starting in May for the July bar.

District of Columbia - DC
Florida - FL
Georgia - MD [including Georgia attorney's exam]
Maryland - MD  [including Maryland attorney's exam]
New Jersey - NJ
New York - NY

Each week I email a state-specific outline for a particular
subject and former bar exam questions on that subject.
Each subject outline specifies the tested areas of that subject.

The student reviews the materials, does the questions and
returns the answers via email, for which I provide
detailed diagnostic feedback via email, as well as
additional questions and telephone consultations
as necessary in order to maximize exam performance.

During that week, a student studies the outline and does
the practice questions, returning them by the deadline.
Each student may select the daily schedule that works best
for him or her. Some students do the work for a few hours
in the morning - others do it in the evening - it is up to
the student.

This format eliminates travel time and enables the student
to complete the homework at the time and place best suited
for the student's study. With the earlier starting dates above,
there is more time for a through and careful review of all subjects.

Consistency is important - daily study time, for even short
periods, is more successful than cramming closer to the
exam. This active learning approach ensures all bar
material is covered and learned through actual practice.
The materials are updated to reflect new questions.

I am a practicing attorney, who has passed the bar in
MD, DC, GA and FL using this method, who has, practiced
in many bar-tested subjects as well as successfully tutoring
students on all of the above exams. My course is unmatched
in terms of length, content, experience and reasonable cost.
Unlike larger courses, every student receives intensive personal
attention, geared toward maximizing their individual performance.

Further information may be found at my website:

I look forward to hearing from you.